Matthew and Rachel and their three children, Emily (7), Elyssa (5), and Luke (3) are living in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand and working alongside Jonathan and Hannah Hill to expand the foothold they have gained for the Lord in this city.

Although they are ordinary laypersons without the professions commonly thought useful in the mission field, the Lord has placed a burden on their hearts to move to a dark place to preach the sermon that “tells more in behalf of Christianity than all the sermons that can be preached”: that of a committed Christian home. Their plan is to develop friendships as they go about their daily life, awakening a desire in those they meet for something better, and helping towards the goal of planting a church in this dark city.

“There is a call for Christian families to go into communities that are in darkness and error, to go to foreign fields… If such families would settle in the dark places of the earth, places where the people are enshrouded in spiritual gloom, and let the light of Christ’s life shine out through them, what a noble work might be accomplished.” MH 155.2

The Ministry of Healing, page 155