Decision Fatigue

Our Missionary Life
Our Missionary Life
Decision Fatigue

I learned something this week. Decision fatigue is real. For weeks my inner dialogue has sounded like this:

“Will I need this? Yeah… I probably should take it. That other one definitely goes in the trash.

“How about this one: should I sell it? Naw, too much trouble. I’ll put it on the donate pile.

“Oh man, that box is way too full. I need to pull some stuff out. I thought I was a minimalist. Where on earth did all this stuff come from?“

And on and on. Repeat for a few hours each day for several weeks, and my brain has started to act like the kids’ stuffed sheep with the dying battery that started making slower and more grotesque “baa-ing” sounds until it mercifully expired (much to Matthew’s and my delight and the kids’ chagrin).

True to form, my amazing, ultra-organized husband created a Trello board (highly recommend!) when we started planning in earnest several months ago to help keep track of everything we had to do, purchase, or decide. We have slowly archived first the three months out list, then the two and one months-out lists, and we have just archived the two-week out list. All that remain are the few items on our final week checklist.

Some of the things we have worked through over the last few weeks and months are:

  • Buying a year’s worth of homeschool supplies
  • Setting up banking that will work internationally
  • Getting rid of stuff
  • Getting up-to-date on vaccines & having final visits with the kids’ pediatrician
  • Buying vitamins and supplements for several months
  • Getting rid of more stuff
  • Getting an international drivers permit
  • Researching language school options
  • Getting copies of all important documents we will be taking with us
  • Getting rid of even more stuff
  • Booking flights, hotel rooms, etc. and getting eSIM cards so our phones will work once we leave the country
  • Making an inventory spreadsheet so we can find things during the weeks we will be living out of boxes and suitcases

And hundreds of other things that would bore you to tears unless you’re planning a similar move, in which case we will happily share it aalll upon request. ☺️

So although we are nearly done, and we have our ten 70-pound boxes mostly packed (all going for free thanks to United Airline’s match of our Delta Airlines status), little piles of stuff still regularly jump out at me like the last holed up child in a game of hide-and-seek. I know we will be done in time, and (maybe? hopefully??) a little before we have to pull out of here on the 10th (which happens to be Luke’s third birthday). But for now I’m just learning to allocate a little more time for my tired brain to work through each decision.

I’m spite of all that, we feel so incredibly blessed. Our wonderful parents and grandparents have helped in so many ways over these last few weeks by keeping little ones happily entertained, helping pack and weigh boxes, feeding us, and supporting us with their love and prayers even though this process is so bittersweet for them. And our amazing church family brought us to tears with a beautiful going-away meal and music program and have covered us with prayers and support. We are surrounded by such beautiful people who mean the world to us and are a reflection of our Heavenly Father in the care He has for each of us. And we are grateful for each one.

See you on the journey!

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  1. Phew! I feel fatigued just reading it! You’ve done an amazing job and are ALMOST done! 👍

    1. What would we have done without you?! ❤️

  2. We have been excitedly watching and praying for your journey! I remember well the feeling of condensing life into ten 50.7 lb duffel bags! (That .7 of a pound can sometimes mean so much). So inspired by your sharing and even though we will miss you when we finally make it to Montana, we are so blessed to see you going to the far reaches of the “apple orchard”. Covering you in prayer and looking forward to reading more of the adventures ahead!

    1. Yes, we have been fighting with those pound fractions all week 😄 Thank you for those prayers, they mean so much. And congratulations on your sweet little addition! Sometime when life slows down a little for us both we need to catch up!

  3. You are serving the God who is the Alpha and the Omega yet knows us all by name – lean on Him heavily during this time and He will relieve your fatigue. What an adventure!

    1. Yes, He is always faithful! We are so glad we got to see you all this summer! ❤️

  4. Just think someday (the timeless type of day) we’ll have access to Abraham and Sarah’s (Hall of Faith Heroes) Trello board and photo shoot–The tents, camel loads–the tedious logistics of mobilizing wealth. At least you guys have more info that Abe and Sarah in regard to your destination!! All this dedication serves an important part of family love–“Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    1. Haha, it’s true! What a day that will be. 😄 If you all ever need a break from MT winter, here’s a standing invitation!

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